Unique Sales Approach!

This was certainly an unorthodox approach to selling a home here in Fort Collins. The previous owners of 4360 Starflower put their home on the market for $340,000 on June 9th. 

The catch was that they were expecting that the buyer would purchase their property for that price AND bring an additional 5% Cash Premium on top of that to finance all the closing costs associated with selling the home! 

After hearing crickets and realizing there was no interest in their unusual request they decided to sell the home using more traditional methods. When they employed a more reasonable approach they did end up going under contract only to see those buyers terminate a week later. 

On June 30th they reduced their price to $335,000 and a couple weeks after that were able to drum up competing offers which drove the price up to $345,050. The new owners ended up taking possession on August 17th. 

It would be interesting to see what they might have gotten for the home if they would have priced it properly when they got the whole process started in June! What do you think?

This property is Listed by Kittle Real Estate

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