That home sold for How Much?

The home at 536 Albion Way hit the market on 5/17/2017. I got the chance to look through it that day and it was in pretty rough shape. It had been tenant occupied and needed new flooring throughout. The carpets were badly stained, several floor tiles were broken  and there was a fair amount of damaged drywall. The seller was offering a $4,000 credit to account for all that. 

The yard needed quite a bit of work as well but this house was situated on a nice lot that had a large back yard adjacent to open space behind the property. 

My feeling after looking through this home was that it was overpriced but they did receive 2 offers by May 20th. The listing agent felt that the size of the yard and it’s proximity to open space is what sold the buyers on this property. 

Considering all the help this home needed I’m surprised that there were 2 offers with buyers willing to pay as much as $334,500! I’m sure the neighbors are hoping the new owners move in and fix this property up. 

This property is Listed by McCormac Real Estate

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