Price Reduced at 4001 Moss Creek Dr.

The home at 4001 Moss Creek Dr was initially listed for sale at $410,000 on May 9, 2017. They didn’t get the response they were hoping for with a multiple offer situation and decided to reduce their price to $405,000 on May 24th. 

This is a big house in a great location. The problem is that the home is listed at a premium price in much less than premium showing condition. The first impression you get is from all the dead spots in the lawn on your walk up to the front door. 
The dishwasher apparently doesn’t work and so the owners are advertising a $300 credit that they’re willing to compensate buyers with. They’ve also disclosed that the fireplace needs a new liner and should not be used until one is installed. 

A fair amount of drywall in the basement is pretty beat up and in need of repair. There are also a few drawers in the kitchen that are noticeably twisted and off track.   

This place does have some potential but it will likely sit around unless the owners decide to take care of some of these issues or come off their price.

This property is Listed by Shorewood Real Estate

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