Just 1 offer on 530 Wabash St

Typically homes priced at $300,000 in Fort Collins sell with several buyers competing for them these days. 

was not the case with 530 Wabash St. I dropped by their open house and
there certainly was good activity. I saw potential buyers there from
investors to 1st time buyers who were looking at the property. 
was hurting here is the fact that it’s just a 2 bedroom home. In the
end there was just one buyer this home worked for and they certainly
benefited from not having to compete with other buyers. 

will be interesting to see how this sale compares to the home at 413
Wabash St. They’re the same floorplan but 413 Wabash does have a 3rd
bedroom and it’s under contract at a list price of $324,900!

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